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The Finnish Parkinson Foundation is a grant-awarding foundation established by the Finnish Parkinson’s Association with a patient’s bequest to award grants for scientific research into movement disorders. The Foundation awards about 100,000 euros in grants from returns on assets every year. There are very few, if any, research projects focusing on rare diseases. The Foundation’s grants have been used to launch research into areas such as Wilson’s and Huntington’s disease and dystonia.

In 2023, the tax-free amount of annual grants for researchers is 24,965.04 euros, which amounts to 2,080.42 euros per month. The basis of the tax-free limit for grants is the annual amount of the government grants for artists confirmed by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Organisational donations

Organisations can deduct any donations of 850–50,000 euros to the Finnish Parkinson Foundation in their income taxation by Decisions No. P0195582669 issued by the Finnish Tax Administration on 18 April 2023 for a period from 2024 to 2028. Valid only in Finland.

Donations from abroad

We are sorry to tell that the foundation cannot accept any checks as a donation. Before you donate to a memorial donation or in honor of an anniversary, please contact ombudsman / Foundation Director via form below.