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Clinical research in Finland

The number of patient trials declined during the 2010s through to the early 2020s, but it will likely pick up from this slump.

Patients can benefit from participating in research in many ways. By way of example, clinical trials involve much more frequent appointments with doctors and nurses when compared with routine monitoring. This also makes it possible to quickly address any problems with treatment. Patients are also wanted as test users of digital applications. By participating in surveys, patients can likewise provide researchers with valuable information about lifestyle, or the causes and progress of the disease.

Participants at our public events frequently ask how to volunteer for clinical trials. Information on new projects is readily available, an important source for information being the Finnish Movement Disorders Association itself. This is another reason it’s such a good idea to join the Association.

As most research projects are carried out at university central hospitals, you may also wish to contact these hospitals to enquire about becoming a trial patient. They usually have nurses and neurologists who specialise in movement disorders, and can advise whether there are any suitable trials underway.

Patients and controls are sought out to participate in clinical trials from time to time. You can follow trial announcements in regional newspapers and via your member association’s bulletins and website.

It’s also a good idea to check out the links below.

More general information about how trials are carried out: