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Award and payment of grants

Evaluation and awarding

In evaluating grant applications, attention is paid to the following criteria: first, does the research fulfill the foundation's purpose, is the applicant a young researcher, is it a doctoral dissertation, the scientific significance of the research, is the research clinical and the applicant's total funding for the research.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees decides on the award of grants once a year. Applicants will be personally notified of the decision, which will also be available on their own login-protected application page. Grant recipients will be announced every year at the spring meeting of the Finnish Parkinson Association.

Recipients should start using the grant during the year of award. Awarded grants will be payable to recipients in one instalment with the exception of travel grants, which will be payable in two instalments.


Each grant recipient is required to declare the grant on his or her tax return. The Foundation will file annual tax notifications of the grants paid out, as required by tax regulations. If a grant is used to employ assisting staff, the recipient will be obligated to withhold their taxes and deal with all employer contributions. Further information about tax-free amounts and personal taxation is available here. Further information about taxation of grants is available here.

Insurance obligation

Grant recipients fall within the statutory earnings-related pension scheme under the Farmers’ Pensions Act (MYEL). The Act requires a grant awarder to declare the grants that it has awarded to the insurance institution, the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (Mela). Grant recipients are obliged to take out insurance when certain conditions are fulfilled. Further information is available here.

Registration of grant applicants and recipients

Grant applicants will consent

  • for the details of grant applicants and recipients to be collected into registers of applicants and recipients, where the Foundation will record the information required for processing of applications and for payment and monitoring of awarded grants. 
  • to publication of grant recipients on the Foundation’s website. Read the Foundation’s Description of File (GDPR) here
  • if necessary, the Foundation can check the applicant scholarships granted to other foundations.

Notifications to the Foundation and reporting obligations

Grant recipients must notify the Foundation of any changes to their personal and contact details without delay.

Each grant recipient undertakes to report on use of the grant to the Foundation within 3 months of the end of the grant period or the trip taken and, on request, to present his or her research at an annual meeting of the Finnish Parkinson Association. Any possible research publications will be submitted free of charge to the Foundation immediately upon publication. Any incomplete work must also be reported. The Finnish Parkinson Foundation must be named as a supporter in research publications and presentation materials and, wherever possible, the Foundation’s logo should also be included in presentation materials. You can download Foundation´s logo here.

The name of the Foundation in Finnish, Swedish and English is Suomen Parkinson-säätiö sr, Finlands Parkinson-stiftelse sr and The Finnish Parkinson Foundation sr, respectively.

Updated: 29 Aug. 2018